Who we are

Bureau Paysandú is an organization with its own identity, integrated by public and private entities.

The main objective is to promote and position Paysandú department as a venue for events and congresses, to promote tourism throughout the year, by attracting and generating congresses, conventions, fairs, sports, artistic and cultural events.

Our offer

Bureau Paysandú is at the service of producers, organizers and event professionals, local and international, to guarantee the perfect development of any activity in the city.

We are the link and referral for all those interested in bringing events with relevant local providers.

We ensure that choosing Paysandú as a destiny to organize their events would be trustable and agile.

How we do it?

Bringing assesment in the most convenient frame selection for any event and information about the city facilities and infrastructure.

Assist and assessing in each planning and execution stage, through identification and search of all local services y providers most suitables: location, accommodations, audiovisuals, catering, transportation, shows availables, and others.

Collaborating in the apply for institutional support to ensure the announcement, and cost effectiveness of your event.

Supporting on diffusion and event promotion.

Supporting with touristic information and developing parallel activities for visitors.

Assessing in local and custom regulations.

Our Team

Isabel Guarisco

Executive assistant

Board of Directors

Organization that arises from the Public Goods financed by ANDE, led and executed by the Paysandú Development Agency (ADP), having as partners Indentencia de Paysandú, Centro Comercial Industrial de Paysandú, Yacht Club Paysandú, Asociación Rural y Exposición Feria de Paysandú, Sociedad de Fomento de Termas de Guaviyú, Café del Teatro, Bimba Bruder


Paysandú is one of the most important cities from Uruguay. It is the capital of the namesake department with a population of 113.125

Located along the Uruguay River, it is 368km from the country’s capital, and it is near Argentine´s cities of Colón and Concepción del Uruguay, with which it connects through the General Artigas international bridge.

It constitutes an excellent destination for regional tourism, because of its strategic and accessible location.

Why Paysandú?

The capital of Paysandú stands out for its diverse productive activities, historical and natural wealth, expression itself in every corner of the department, where hot springs with waters of curative properties inhabit, ideal for relaxation and rest, as well as unmatched sunsets and beautiful landscapes that are favorable for eco and adventure tourism.

Also known as “La Heroica”, for its historical feats that took place there, it is characterized for being safe, calm city and with friendly behavior for visitors.

Basílica Paysandú

La Heroica

Plaza Constitución

Teatro Florencio Sánchez

Teatro Florencio Sánchez

Espacio Cultural Gobbi

Desfile Meseta de Artigas

Meseta de Artigas

Regata Meseta de Artigas


Termas de Almirón

Termas de Guaviyú

Termas de Guaviyú

Despertar Emprendedor


Anfiteatro de Paysandú

Museo a la Perpetuidad

Historical and cultural information



More than 180.000 tourists per year



One national airport



One port



2275 beds in Paysandú department, including Hot Springs and Touristic countryside lodges


Bars and restaurants

More than 50 bars and restaurants.



More than 50 venues for events: theater, multi-spaces, amphitheater, stadiums (open and closed), athletics track, clubs, lounges.



More than 35 university careers and tertiaty studies.



Boulevard next to the Uruguay river. Activities, beach and coastal walk


Traditional Events

30 traditional events.


Other relevant events and congresses

Buiatría - TEDxPaysandu - Despertar Emprendedor


Historical and cultural heritages

More than 20 historicla icons.

Organize your event.

Paysandú has a wide range of professional services, facilities and infrastructure to host meetings, conferences, congresses, incentives, sports and cultural events.

Our role

PBC&E team is integrated by events profesional event’s organizers with knowledge and contacts of each space and service in the city, to provide the best support in the search and management of you event.

Organize your event

Founding Partners and Executing Entities

7 reasons for being part of Bureau

  • Being part of the touristic and commercial network of Paysandú.
  • Sinergy between local services to show opportunities to visitors during their stay.
  • Receiving assessment and training.
  • Support and assessment in other initiatives aligned to the Bureau’s goals.
  • Access to the city events schedule for service providing
  • Strategic alliances between associated members
  • Promotion or associated enterprises using logo in several communication tools such as webpage, promotional brochures, and others.



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